Business Intelligence

The StarsShield Business Intelligence Difference! StarsShield is a leading business intelligence and technology consulting company that enables businesses to achieve world-class business performance by utilizing state of the art technologies in business intelligence. We provide the full Business Intelligence spectrum including data warehousing and analysis for all well-described data sources such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, MS Dynamics applications or custom applications.

A typical implementation includes the following services:

  • Assess Business Requirements
  • Analyze Data Sources
  • Analyze and develop KPI’s, Reports & Views
  • Design Data Marts & Cubes
  • Extract, Transform & Load Data
  • Design & Build Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Deploy Solution

Conduct Training and Knowledge Transfer StarsShield Solutions’ best practice Implementations enable organizations to:

  • Adopt the same business processes that work for top-per­forming organizations
  • Sustain process improvements through technology
  • Mitigate risk
  • Compress planning time
  • Ensure alignment between technology solutions and busi­ness objectives


The BI Platform


StarsShield solutions and services are based on Microsoft Business Intelligence platform now part of SharePoint 2010 server, our Business Intelligence Consulting services can help you institute the most effective Business Intelligence solutions that harness the complete power of the Microsoft BI platform. Is your IT department still receiving report requesting from your business departments? Are the data consumption needs of your business users growing more complex? Would you like to spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives like enterprise architecture and infrastruc­ture and less time preparing reports? Is the increased focus on accountability and performance visibility making you consider alternative solutions? Then you’re like most IT executives that would like to offer dashboard controls for business reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to meet data demands across the enterprise.

A critical source of competitive advantage for any organization is the ability to derive valuable information from vast stores of data. Today, more than ever, companies are dealing with increasing market pressure and global competition. Simultaneously, the volume of available data is rapidly growing due to the expanding use of transactional systems, emergence of data-intensive technologies, and the need to continually communicate with a network of suppliers and customers. As a result, improving both the efficiency and effectiveness of transforming data into actionable business insight is a fundamental challenge.

StarsShield helps its clients use Business Intelligence (BI) to maximize the value derived from their data by working with representatives of business and IT to:

  • Identify opportunities across your value chain
  • Justify your projects through ROI analysis
  • Identify budget drivers and corporate KPIs
  • Manage software selections using our methodology
  • Design capability and knowledge transfer programs
  • Evaluate and recommend application outsourcing options.