Open Source INTelligence

The fast-moving events and sudden developments around the world impose a tremendous challenges in terms of keeping up with events and developments in order to draw conclusions. The decisive factor in this process is acquiring the accurate information in a timely manner and according to the sequence of events that led to this situation, this is generally known as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)..

Currently, the best sources of information are newspapers and satellite channels and other means of various electronic media, however, the biggest challenge lies in the ability of reading and classifying such news and displaying it in the dashboard in a rapid and timely manners, which provides support for the decision makers in their decision making process.

To overcome these challenges, StarsShield for Software has built NABA360, it is based on an Artificial Intelligence engine with additional machine learning algorithms for predective analysis.

NABA360 is characterized by unique features that ensure the ability to develop and adapt the work requirements.

Basically, The main idea of the system is retrieving information and reports from various electronic media resources and social networking sites and classifying this information and feeding it into the system, around the clock, in an automated fashion using the technology "artificial intelligence". News reports and tweets are displayed using various info-graphics screen that aid the decision maker in making the proper decisions.

In addition to the automated ability of the system which is intended to save time, effort, and financial cost these procedures can be supplemented manually by the user using all editing processes to be approved through specific work flow.

All countries are displayed on the Dashboard with a certain color that increases in intense depending on the number of reports received on the target country; the more intensified color to any state indicates the increasing number of reports on that country and as shown in the directory at the bottom of the dashboard.

The dashboard provides the decision maker with an access to the reports and the information contained in several ways and different styles; reports can be displayed by duration, country or by category. Furthermore, statsitical reports display charts by classification, Source, or target country reports.

Text analysis helps the decision maker in identify the current trends by plotting the most talked-about people, organizations and places against time.

As the system archives all classified reports the advanced search engines provides the possibility of search inside reports, documents and audio recordings as well as the possibility of converting recorded material to texts and translate it into any required language and according to business requirements. The engine can also extract the key words the names of people or institutions or Web sites and display them in a separate list with the intention of helping to focus on tracking that word. This is in addition to the possibility of choosing a paragraph in the text to re-display it in the recorded material.

As an optional feature, NABA360 provides an audio-video conferencing tool so that users can communicate and collaborate, the tool includes desktop sharing, PowerPoint sharing and Whiteboard to help explain ideas.